Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sick...and Tired of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim and I have both been sick with some kind of virus that makes the room spin. Really bad for the first 24 hours, but lessens as time goes by. Finally last night, I was able to sleep well, dream well and this is what I made while dreaming! It is actually one of the vessels I made several months ago, but I made it again last night. Ha! Such fun!
What do you dream? Do you dream in felt?
Felt Happy!


Webmaster Mac said...

It is nice to know you guys are doing better and just in enough time to watch the Super Bowl. The colors on the beautiful piece you created reminds me of the colors of my pick for two-pete Super Bowl success, the Seattle Seahawks. Go Hawks!

Glad you guys are doing better.

RETA said...

Beautiful colors! SO pretty.
Sorry you were so sick but glad you're better!