Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tippin' my Hat Good-bye

I'll be leaving for Maryland in just a few short hours. Spent two nights not being able to sleep, I am too excited about many things, Maryland Sheep and Wool being one of them. Did sleep last night so I am good to go!

Made this hat yesterday for the show. I love the color, which came out of blending deep red merino with a bit of a black corriedale/mohair blend. Because of the mohair, it is a bit "hairier" than I usually like, but on this hat, it kinda works, IMO.

I will be demonstrating the new hat forms, flower making and Judit Pocs video at Maryland Sheep and Wool in Susan's Fiber Shop booth. The video alone is worth it, so stop in if you get the chance. Susan will have the video's for sale there. You will not be disappointed in this DVD. I love it and watch it often, each time gleaming more and more information.

I'll be away for a week. Waving Good-bye to all of you and hoping to meet some of you at where are my car keys?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I cannot belive I get to go!

I am sooooo thrilled to be asked by Susan McFarland to go with her and her incredible friends to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. We'll work our self hard, we'll feed ourself well and we will sleep soundly, I am sure! I am so looking forward to this great adventure. Susan called and asked me to work her booth with her. What an honor! I'll be having a great time, promise!

In the meantime, I am dyeing fibers to spin or work into my felts. Some may also be for sale after I get back from Maryland Sheep and Wool. I am working primarily with merino/silk 50/50 blends, silk laps, silk fabrics and locks from various sheep, mostly long wools. Photos here are of the merino silks in 4 ounce braids. Could really get lost in the dye pots far too easily. There is magical stuff that happens in a dye pot!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girly Scarf

I've been laid up sick with the flu. While I laid around feeling pretty worthless, I had the chance to work with the yarn I'd spun earlier. I really like it a lot. What do ya think?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Spin on my Old Fibers

I've had some merino, hand dyed merino silk and lovely white angora (bunny) fibers just laying around here for some time. I decided to put them together into a ball and spin it up. Love the results. Has a very soft, shades of cream and white with the pale woodsy colors (So wish I knew how to knit!)