Friday, November 28, 2014

Winter White

I am trying to get a wrap done every two days, but there has been a lot of LIFE getting in the way. I am not completely sure this one is done, but it's done enough to get a couple of quick photos while there is day light. No good shots to show of the back yet, but perhaps I'll have a change in a few days to get one for you. Thank you for popping in.
Felt Happy,
Photo: New wrap.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scarfing it up!

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on writing proposals for teaching, adjusting to my daughter and Son-in-law living with us, assisting my husband recovering from cataract surgery, and have a terrible longing to make felt. Finally I had a chance and here are the results.  I am making them in white and then dyeing and over dyeing. Actually the red one was over dyed again, but no photos of that just yet.
Felt Happy!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wisconsin Classes! Hat, Bag and Bird Pod!!!

Just a quick pop in to tell you about some upcoming classes in January 2015. I will be at Bahr Creek Llama and Fiber Studio, about 45 minutes north of Milwaukee, WI   It is one of my favorite places to teach, one because I love Brigitte and second, Wisconsin is like my second home because of the friends I've made there.  It's always great fun and lots of sharing. Can you join us? Information below.
Suzanne Higgs (Hooked on Felt) will once again be doing felting weekend at Bahr Creek, January 16, 17, and 18.

Friday, January, 16 9:30-5:00 will be the HAT CLASS. Making a hat in a workshop is one thing, but learning how to design hats for a lifetime is quite another. Learn to create a uniquely designed hat, how to make multiple designs, and how to design styles for your face shapes. If your goal is to just make one hat, don't miss this class either. So much fun!!! Class size limited to 10.

The PURSE WORKSHOP will be Saturday, January 17 9:30-5:00. In this workshop you will design your bag, create pockets, inside and outside if you wish. Endless possibilities in design works. class is limited to 10 so call early to reserve your spot in the class.

BIRD POD WORKSHOP, Sunday, January 18 9:30-5:00
About 8-9 years ago I made a rather large pod that still hangs outside of my home. Wrens nest in it every year. Since then, the felted bird pods have become a wonderful handmade item for bird lovers worldwide. In this workshop, you will design your pods, use many surface designs elements and you will be working with Finn wool, due to its sturdiness. These are great for yard ornamentation, and unique gifts. The first time you see the wrens in the pod, it is a wonderful thrill!!

email or call 920-668-6417 to reserve your spot in the class. I will send you a complete list of what to bring and more info on the class
(4 photos)
Felt Happy!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fabulous Finn and C1

 Pam MacGregor introduced me to Finn Wool this past  year. I can say without much difficulty that I was resistant to trying it, because I love to make wearables, especially hats and nuno. But once I relented and tried it, I was hooked on the stuff..

When I am making the bird pods I want them to be very sturdy, almost pottery-like in their firmness. Finn does that beautifully.

A friend gave me some C1 to try, as it is her favorite. I did one pod in C1 and had very nice results. However, the hairiness of the Finn better as it grabs surface design elements a bit better, for my purposes.
 I am on my way to making about 40 of these, and it will probably be more, because I just love the simplicity of the shape, the usefulness of the pods, and I am looking forward to SPRING. The hats remind me of winter, while these remind me more and more of the coming spring and the return of our wonderful songbirds.
This white pod probably will not go outdoors. I really just made it for our home.

Felt Happy!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fancy Finn Wool

 About 8 years ago I started using tulle in some of my work, the first a vest that I'd sandwiched with very light layers of merino wool. It sold immediately and the sparkles were softly visible, it was done on the silver dotted tulle shown in the picture below. I kind of cast it aside for a bit, but in September, I pulled it back out and started using it in my hats, bags, vessels and now in these bird pods

Here is a picture of some of the tulle that I've used. Most of it I've picked up at fabric shops, some at re-sale shops. Some are just lightly decorated, some are bridal tulle with beads, sequins, glass beads, pearl beading, lovely threads

Finally a pic of one of my favorite bird pods. It was just simple fun to watch it all come together.  I do love the white one and the "fancy" of it, and the idea of it being a wedding pod. I guess i like them both for very different reason.
Felt Happy!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pods with a Purpose and ANNOUNCEMENT!

Since I've started working with the Finn Wool, I've found that I can hardly stop making these crazy little Bird Pods..."pods with a purpose".  I have an art show coming up this Spring ( If that ever arrives) and am focusing on making these " small houses". I made my first pod for birds about 8-9 years ago. It is still used each year by tiny wrens...hence the opening looks so small. If it is much larger, other birds will come in and kill the wrens babies or destroy the wren eggs. There is no need to clean the wren houses. Spiders will move in after the wrens leave and lay their eggs. When the wrens return, they will bring mites with them. The spiders will eat the mites and the babies will be bite free. How cool is that!  I am not saying that Finn is the only wool that can be used, but is holds up well, lends itself to be sculpted in some fashion. It keeps its shape beautifully. This is a combination of Finn Wool, C1 and merino and silk. I am selling Finn on my Etsy site for 40.00/#
I have more Bird Pods of FaceBook under Hooked On Felt if you'd like to see more. I do shrink these a bit over 100%.
Last year I was invited to teach in Pueblo West, CO and spent 3 wonderful days meeting some lovely women. This year I have been invited back to Colorado in June to teach at Estes Park Sheep and Wool Festival. I will be teaching hats and these lovely pods. I think sign up starts in March. I am thrilled to be going back to that lovely state.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some of the fruits of their labors

I had a perfectly wonderful time while in Wisconsin...perfectly wonderful freezing time in WI!  It was sooooo cold.  One day we had wind chills at -45 degrees....the day I got stuck in the snow and my eyeballs nearly froze. The weather was bitter, but the women who attended the class were warm and curious and fun..Photo: Brigitte DeMaster's nuno wrap and hat from the class this past weekend.  I'll be staying here longer than expected. ...seems Michigan is closed.The three day workshop covered Dyeing Silk and Nuno Felting , Felt Hat  and Felt Bag making. There are some really nice examples of what was achieved...all of them first timers
I especially want to point out that on a few posts back, I had found some tulle with synthetic velvet flowers on it. The results of that fabric are on the first hat shown. I think it looks like the roses are floating.

That's all for now!
Photo: Suzanne Petzold Higgs, Brigitte DeMaster, Wendy Drossel,  not done yet but getting there. I think I like it!Photo: And this one too.Photo: Inspiration translation. Judy RicciPhoto: Deb's very first felt hat.