Monday, February 10, 2014

Fancy Finn Wool

 About 8 years ago I started using tulle in some of my work, the first a vest that I'd sandwiched with very light layers of merino wool. It sold immediately and the sparkles were softly visible, it was done on the silver dotted tulle shown in the picture below. I kind of cast it aside for a bit, but in September, I pulled it back out and started using it in my hats, bags, vessels and now in these bird pods

Here is a picture of some of the tulle that I've used. Most of it I've picked up at fabric shops, some at re-sale shops. Some are just lightly decorated, some are bridal tulle with beads, sequins, glass beads, pearl beading, lovely threads

Finally a pic of one of my favorite bird pods. It was just simple fun to watch it all come together.  I do love the white one and the "fancy" of it, and the idea of it being a wedding pod. I guess i like them both for very different reason.
Felt Happy!

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sonja said...

these are amazing the last one i think could be an ornament for any tree.
are they heavy? they are wonderful to vue!