Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some of the fruits of their labors

I had a perfectly wonderful time while in Wisconsin...perfectly wonderful freezing time in WI!  It was sooooo cold.  One day we had wind chills at -45 degrees....the day I got stuck in the snow and my eyeballs nearly froze. The weather was bitter, but the women who attended the class were warm and curious and fun..Photo: Brigitte DeMaster's nuno wrap and hat from the class this past weekend.  I'll be staying here longer than expected. ...seems Michigan is closed.The three day workshop covered Dyeing Silk and Nuno Felting , Felt Hat  and Felt Bag making. There are some really nice examples of what was achieved...all of them first timers
I especially want to point out that on a few posts back, I had found some tulle with synthetic velvet flowers on it. The results of that fabric are on the first hat shown. I think it looks like the roses are floating.

That's all for now!
Photo: Suzanne Petzold Higgs, Brigitte DeMaster, Wendy Drossel,  not done yet but getting there. I think I like it!Photo: And this one too.Photo: Inspiration translation. Judy RicciPhoto: Deb's very first felt hat.

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