Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fabulous Finn and C1

 Pam MacGregor introduced me to Finn Wool this past  year. I can say without much difficulty that I was resistant to trying it, because I love to make wearables, especially hats and nuno. But once I relented and tried it, I was hooked on the stuff..

When I am making the bird pods I want them to be very sturdy, almost pottery-like in their firmness. Finn does that beautifully.

A friend gave me some C1 to try, as it is her favorite. I did one pod in C1 and had very nice results. However, the hairiness of the Finn better as it grabs surface design elements a bit better, for my purposes.
 I am on my way to making about 40 of these, and it will probably be more, because I just love the simplicity of the shape, the usefulness of the pods, and I am looking forward to SPRING. The hats remind me of winter, while these remind me more and more of the coming spring and the return of our wonderful songbirds.
This white pod probably will not go outdoors. I really just made it for our home.

Felt Happy!


Simona said...

I use many types of wool, but Norwegian and especially C1 and C1 Pels are my favorite. I do needle felting and I find it great for that. The finish is also very clean. I love your pods by the way....they are stunning!

synergy5013 said...

Great work its so wackey!