Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tunic Response

A month or so ago, I was in Cedar Grove, WI teaching for four days. Had a great time and met some wonderful people. I brought some of my finished works to show them some of the possibilities. One of the questions that comes up is how I made the tunic. This is a typical email from folks who want to know how I did it.
Hi Suzanne, Well, last week I taught my sister-in-law to nuno felt and she is now obsessed with it.  Her very first project was on black silk.  She made peonies and daisies and it turned out gorgeous.  We have ordered more silk and are inviting another friend over tomorrow to do another project.  It really can become addicting and so fun to see what happens.  I really would like to try to make a tunic like you showed us at the workshop.  Do you have any suggestions?  Would I only felt the center section of fabric?  Do you have a photo of your tunic anywhere on the internet?  Anyway, wish you were here to help and to see the enthusiasm that your class has engendered!    Warm regards, Pam 
Iron Mountain, MI

As you know if you are a regular reader here, I cannot sew! and seek to work in uncomplicated lines. My focus this year is on two basic shapes: rectangles and circles. The tunic is one such rectangle.
Here is how I did it:

I laid out the hand dyed silk on my table top with a good amount of fabric, evenly draping off the ends and sides of the table, then nuno felted the table top fabric only. the a hole was cut for the head in the center of the rectangle and it was sewn from waist to arm pit area only. Tie were applied to the back of the tunic so that it can be sized that was. It is pretty simple to has to be, I did it! (Need I say more about that?)

Hope it helps my friends in Iron Mountain and beyond.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Classes In Asheville, NC

Felting with Pre-felts-A unique neckwrap with fused glass buttons with Jone Rakoski

You will be the talk of the town, wearing this creation! Using hand-dyed merino prefelts, needle & wet felt techniques that are unique to prefelts, you will create a fab & Warm neckwrap you will be proud to say “I made this!” Basic glass fusing will be discussed. Minimum Age for Class:18, Students should bring 2 towels, sharp fabric scissors-beginners are welcome!

Date: 7-16
Location: Vendor Booth
Cost: $90.00
Material Fee: $45.00
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 6:00 PM
Total Cost: $135.00

Felting with Pre-felts-Making a unique hat with Jone Rakoski

A fab way to create a hat! Using hand-dyed merino prefelts you will needle and wet felt your way to a hat you will be proud to wear! Needle & Wet Felt techniques will be taught in a way that is unique to prefelts. Hat construction and unique embellishments are on the agenda! Minimum Age for Class:18, Students should bring 2 towels, sharp fabric scissors, hat block (could be bowl, pan, tin etc.the size of your head)-beginners are welcome!

Date: 7-17
Location: Vendor Booth
Cost: $90.00
Material Fee: $45.00
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 6:00 PM
Total Cost: $135.00

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Class Announcemnt for Asheville, NC July 15th.

Wool Felt Pottery

Make a vessel or piece of wool pottery using flat resist and surface designs elements. Prerequisite student skills: beginners and up. Students should bring scissors, 2 towels and an apron.

Date: 7-15
Location: Vendor Booth
Cost: $90.00
Material Fee: $25.00
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 6:00 PM
Total Cost: $115.00


If you are in the area and want to take this class or several of the other felt classes offered in Asheville, NC, now is the time to sign up. Looking forward to seeing many friends there!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nuno Felts this week...

Close up of nuno on chiffon.

The entire scarf. It was dyed by Char Epley, then I did the felting on it. We both like it.

Silk side of a nuno wrap.

Wool side of the same wrap.

Start of layout


It's been a busy week, cool cloudy days are most productive for me. Time seem to move slower somehow and I feel like I get more accomplished. The heat is due to return today. Got to get a lot done before we have our Sabbath group here tomorrow. I am looking forward to their arrival and our time together.
I wish you all God's Peace and Good Sabbath.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finally, Hats!

Cloudy, rainy I love them! This has been our weather lately, and I've enjoyed it completely! Most everyone else I know, not so much.

Creative Felt Gathering has announced a special guest teacher from far, far away coming to the event this year. She's not told us yet who it will be, but I am thinking it will be great. This is a wonderful event. Surprises make it even better! Her is the information in case you've missed it. Come to this if you possibly can. It's amazing! The instructors and participants are amazing as well. It is just super to be there! Elis Vermeulen , Chad Hagen, and Pam MacGregor will be a surprise guest teacher. I'm getting anxious for Sept. to arrive!

Monday, September 19 at 9:00am - September 24 at 6:00pm

Dainava - Manchester, Michigan

Created By

More Info
September 19 - 24, 2011
Chad Alice Hagen - resist dyeing
Elis Vermeulen - raw fleece and roving bag, roving bag with fab shapes
Jone Rakoski - glass fusing
Pam MacGregor - fused glass and loop and toggle cuff

$450.00 - early bird price
$500.00 - March 1, 2011
$10.00 per night for 9/18/2011 or 9/24/2011
payment by check or Visa/Mastercard
after August 31 2011 - no refund
after July 31, 2011 - 75% refund
after June 30, 2011 - 90% refund

Catering by Marilynn $100.00. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days. Simple and healthy comfort foods. Catering is optional. July 31, 2011 is the deadline for ordering.

Sheets are provided limited blankets and pillows available. Dormitory style sleeping arrangements. 4 to a room, 90 beds, but since we limited the Gathering to 30 you can spread out.


6-8 registration
8-9 discussion, coffee
9-12 classes
12-1 lunch
1-5 classes
5-? dinner, discussion, possible activities

Tues., Thurs., Fri.,
8-9 discussion, breakfast
9-12 classes
12-1 lunch
1-5 classes
5-? dinner, discussion, etc

free day - felt, rest, take mini classes to be scheduled, take a class from a visiting artist TBA, whatever you choose

7-8 breakfast, discussion
8-11 classes
111-12 lunch
12-4 classes
4-5 closing ceremony, certificates, photo ops

Contact: Jone Rakoski - phone - 517-456-6066

I've been making a lot of nuno lately, but decided I needed to build up my hat stock a bit. Finally, hats! The show season is upon me and I've got a lot of stock to get made. I think there are a lot of long nights in my near future.
Got to get rolling....felters, you know what I mean!
Shalom and may Peace be all around you,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Since being on Facebook, there is a wide exchange of fiber art photos that get shared. Some folks share their travels to fiber art shows, some share their teaching, their workshops, the participant in the workshops, the finished goods, the foods they eat, the sky they share, flowers and things that inspired them. It is just great fun to see the things that others are doing.

there are some folks that ROCK MY FIBER WORLD, and now I've just added another to my list: Vyga Iene. Her work leaves me breathless! I've asked her permission to showcase this wrap. I've looked at it about 30 times today! I love how well executed the process has been implemented, but the colors are simple, understated, elegant, oh yea, and so my colors! I adore this wrap. If you are on FB, do take the time to let her know your thoughts. This is her website: Is this beautiful or what?

Who rocks your fiber world?

This is a wrap I've been working on with hand-dyed silk and super fine merino wool. I'm liking it a lot, but my arms are sore from two days of rolling nuno scarves. I know, I could use the sander, but I am unhappy with the nerve damage from the sanders. Using my legs a bit more these days. Getting older is not, NOT easy...but you do get more inventive about getting things done.

It acted like it wanted to rain all day today, heavy clouds, overcast, high humidity, cool ...oh, I love days like these. We didn't get much rain, but any day without lots of heat is a great day. I had a wonderful day! You?


Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's List...

So many things were written on my "to do" list today, and only got a few of them done. Top on the list was to make a nuno felt on one of the silk scarves I dyed a couple of weeks ago. The scarf was dyed in golds, oranges, a smidge of purple, cherry and red. I used fine merino on the opposite side. The colors of the wool are burgundy, hot fuchsia, hot orange and gold. I love how the wool migrated through this habotia silk. It is ultra light, super soft. I am almost wondering if I see it as something else...not just a wrap/shawl. Hmmmmmmm....something to think about.
What's on your mind today? Did you get your Monday List completed?

Shalom and Blessings,
Dream from your heart. Share what you have.
Live simply. Love deeply. Work with joy. Pray with love.
Thank God always.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Feel Like the Queen of Stupid!

(Inside before dyed)
I've got a few classes coming up and have been asked for samples to have available for the potential participants. Okay, I could do that...but why do I do what I know fails! ( by definition, in my book, stupid is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results!) Again, I tried to put golden yellow and purple together in a felt bag.There is some silk on the surface that was golden, in hope of tying it all together....but it didn't work. The gold migrated through the purple, making it look dirty, dingy...yucky. This is not my first this doing this....and continue to try to make it work. It does not work for me. Perhaps someone else can make those two colors work together, but not me! So........

(Inside after dyeing)
As you've come to know about me if you are a regular reader, mistakes are an opportunity to try something the dye pot!

(bag before over dye)
So I took this purple/yellow bag and over dyed it in purple, the extracted color, then over dyed in multiple greens and teals, then removed more color. I like it so much better now. But what about you? Do you think I made a mistake over dyeing it.

I often make the inside of my bags lighter on the inside so that when I open them, I can see what is in side my bag.

(bag after over-dye)

This is the final end result on the over dye, un-dye and over dye of the bag. These colors appeal to me more than the gold and why not start out that way? Really, I am the queen on stupid.

I hope some one learns from my mistakes.

This is a portion of a scarf that I over dyed for a friend of mine. It had become muddy during her felting process by using colors that did not blend well together. She was about ready to throw it away. She in fact, gave it away to Jone, who gave it to me to "try to fix" it with the dye pot. She had used olive, gold, gray, some purples to make the nuno scarf....but it just did not look good color wise. The nuno itself was wonderfully done, beautifully executed. I pulled all of the colors out then over-dyed it with multiple greens. Now that it's been dyed in one of her favorite colors, I'll be gifting it back to her. Hopefully, she's going to fall in love with her own creation.

The heat has been terrible here for two days. Finally, some cool weather and rain today. I love rainy, cloudy days. Looks like tomorrow will be cloudy and overcast like today. Yes! the smell after a rainy time is simply wonderfully earthy. I love that smell! We have many ferns around our home and they seem to give off a strong fresh fragrance of 'clean' after rain.


Dream from your heart. Share what you have.
Live simply. Love deeply. Work with joy. Pray with love,
Thank God always.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Discovery

I had to leave town for several days for a family matter, right in the midst of a nuno felted scarf. I had dyed two silk gauze scarves, one gold, one gray/green. My idea was to marry the two pieces together with the wool between them. I, more often than not, prefer the "un-wooled' side of a nuno scarf. I've no idea why, perhaps it is just the wonderful water color effect of the the colors blended together that appeals to me so much. So I thought, why not make a scarf that is completely "un-wooled" by having the wool between two scarves. I had first seen this done on a small scale by Connie Delameter ( I might not be spelling that right) several years ago. Connie is an amazing fiber artists and shepherdess and person. I laid out a very thin layer of merino wool, in multiple colors between the two scarves so that there would be a different effect on each side. I love the look of each side, and maybe the darker side the best. Since I had to leave in the midst of the felting, it was allowed to dry is this lovely crinkled state. Oh Wow, do I love the effect, it is nearly pleated, and has great "give" the fabric. The results are very pretty, very feminine. My big problem is that I'll need to find a place to allow it to dry for 2-3 days next time around.

Does anyone else love the back side of nuno? Would love to hear from you!
Are you going to try putting two scarves together? It could be fun!
Peace in your heart, joy in your felting!