Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's List...

So many things were written on my "to do" list today, and only got a few of them done. Top on the list was to make a nuno felt on one of the silk scarves I dyed a couple of weeks ago. The scarf was dyed in golds, oranges, a smidge of purple, cherry and red. I used fine merino on the opposite side. The colors of the wool are burgundy, hot fuchsia, hot orange and gold. I love how the wool migrated through this habotia silk. It is ultra light, super soft. I am almost wondering if I see it as something else...not just a wrap/shawl. Hmmmmmmm....something to think about.
What's on your mind today? Did you get your Monday List completed?

Shalom and Blessings,
Dream from your heart. Share what you have.
Live simply. Love deeply. Work with joy. Pray with love.
Thank God always.


Yvette said...

beautiful colors!

Hooked On Felt said...

Thanks Yvette. Color is something I never seems to tire of, the gradients, the hues, the overplay of color on color. I would say the same is true for you and your incredible works!
Thanks again.

cedar said...

Yummy ruching!!! loved the colours up close

Ginny Huber said...

Hi Suzanne! 1. I never get all my Monday or any other day's to-do lists crossed off.. but I've mostly , that is, mostly,stopped worrying about it. I worked on a second sari sil mosiac nuno collage today..finished it.. and your beautiful scarf here reminds me I am almost ready to make a nuno flet scarf/shawl/something out of that gorgeous piece we felted together (thank you) when I was in Plainwell.....some of the wools will be very like the ones on this one, I believe!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors !