Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finding Quiet, Self Sequestered

It always seems that during this time of the year, there is a soft, sad quiet that over takes me, and honestly, sometimes I simply welcome it with open arms. Thanksgiving until the New Year, a soft sadness, nothing anyone would notice, to be sure, but just a whisper of heartache for what could be, and is not. Thanksgiving has turned into a feast day, not truly giving thanks for the abundance of blessings pour out on us. Oh, don't get me wrong, I know many do. It's just that I am old enough to remember a more collective voice of Thanksgiving, and I miss that. Christmas...oh don't even get me started on that one. Listening to the news reports this morning about people pepper spraying each other, shooting each other, shoving, pushing, looking for the best deal, all of it seems a far cry from the Bethlehem manger, the shepherds watching their flocks, the Saviors birth, and Peace on Earth, goodwill toward man. It all just makes me very, quietly, sad, and I've probably spoken more honestly about here than ever in my life, maybe more than I should ... and so I sequester myself from nearly all of it, and that I am happy about.

I've been crocheting a good bit lately. My shoulders have taken quiet a beating with so much felt-making and now it is time to simply sit and make hats of a different sort. I love theses snood, tam, rolled hats. They can be worn in many different ways all from one style. Love making them! ...and I get to watch movies while doing it. Can you tell I am having some very nice afternoons?

About my brother...he is doing better, home with his family and recovery nicely. Thanks so much for your concerns and prayers.

This is a hairy little thing made from wools that had been gifted to me. I had no idea how they would felt, and this is the vessel that came from that experience. I wish it were a bit shorter, but all in all, it was fun.

The first felt piece shown is also an experimental piece, a piece still in "process". I've not a clue as to where it is leading me, but I am going to enjoy the journey.

Good Sabbath and Shalom,

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Good To Be The Queen!

This is a small next wrap, dyed in fuchsia, reds, and purples. It is very similar to the small neck scarf shown on a previous posting. The wool side is a blue red and an orange red. I think it is kind of fun to have things that are designed to keep you warm also "look warm". I hope that the color combinations here will accomplish that.

We are trying not to turn our furnace on and as the temps drop out of doors, it gets more and more difficult to find ways to keep warm without the furnace. We have three "hot spots" in the house, the bathroom and my studio/dining room/office and Jim's office. We have little space heaters in these rooms to chase away the chill, and I, of course, keep a felt hat on to stay warm. Our little "QUEEN" Frankie, the chihuahua, has found the perfect solution to keeping her skinny self warm...a full fleece of Icelandic wool. Oh yes, it is good to be the QUEEN!

My brother, Jason, remains in the hospital, is having trouble with speech, balance, has passed out or possibly another stroke. Had a rough night. Please continue your prayers on his behalf. We appreciate them and pray that God honors them all.



ps: Nice article on felting...enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Earth Bound

This is a piece of silk fabric that I'd dyed some time ago and finally got around to putting the wool in it. It is a very large piece of silk and I think it will look really nice worn over the shoulder and perhaps belted. The wool side of the nuno is in olive green, chocolate and aqua marine. I love both sides, but per usual, I like the silk side best.

I hope to get some more nuno done tomorrow, and some dyeing as well. I've not made a hat in so long, I wonder if I still can. Must try to do one sometime soon.

Just got a phone call that my brother has had a stroke. He is 14 yrs. my junior, just set a Guiness World Record for number of pull-ups in one minute (67!!!!!!!) and is in really great health. We are carriers of a genetic disorder called "sticky platelet syndrome" and stroke is very common, very early. Another brother had a stroke at 23. He survived, but is monitored very closely. This news has quite overwhelmed me. If you are a person of prayer, we would appreciate your prayers.

Gotta go for now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skirt Fabric...

This is a photo upload from my phone, so quality is less than usual. However, this is the fabric that was completed to day to make the skirt. I am also thinking of making a camisole to go with the skirt....and somehow, stretchy black lace appeared in the dream last night when I was dreaming about this. Will have to investigate that a bit more too...and enjoy the process.

That's it for tonight. What did you make today?

Shalom and Happy Felting!


yet another choice in the design process....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The First Rule of FELT CLUB....

For several years I've been talking about forming a feltmakers group, FELT CLUB, that would meet periodically throughout the year to share, encourage, teach, and help each one become better skilled at the art/skill of feltmaking. At the class that I taught in Otsego a few weeks ago, it was brought up again and this time, Dear Karin was there to really push me and help me in the process. Since I am not by nature a terribly organized person, I need help in that area. Karin is innately organized and well connected in the community, while I tend to stay mostly to myself. It looks like FELT CLUB will start in January 2012 on a Saturday. Further details will follow as Karin and I get them worked out, but for now, we need to know if you are interested in becoming a part of FELT CLUB. This is not a commitment, just need to know if you are interested. Karin and I are also looking to keep the cost very reasonable so that many can join. I'm asking that you respond to this blog post or contact me through my email:

When we meet it will be from 9AM-5PM with a pot luck lunch. We will be able to work on felt projects, build community, enjoy each other. We are looking for ideas and hope that you will freely share ideas for FELT CLUB. For example, a study of differing types of wool/fibers, so that we could each make a book of felted fiber samples. What would you like to do at FELT CLUB? Don't be shy, we need all the ideas you very talented, creative women have to make this a great experience for all of us.

I hope to get the skirt done this week. I cannot stop dreaming about it. At least in my dreams, it looks wonderful. Now to bring it to fruition.

Shalom and Happy Felting!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Faceless Felting + New Classes Forming

Andrea Morrison, of Wonder Why Alpaca's, attended the nuno felting class I held a couple of weeks ago. She went to Your Local Yarn Shop and shared her lovely creations with the gals there. They then contacted me to have me teach there in December. I will be teaching for three days this dyeing and nuno technique. This class will be for gift giving or New Years Eve. Class dates are December 8th, 9th and 10th from 9-5 each day.
Each class is one day only, but you will have choices on which day works best for your schedule. Space is limited and it will be first come first served. For more information call Kelly at Your Local Yarn Shop, 2171 Columbia Ave W Battle Creek, MI 49015
(269) 964-1256

Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to stand in front of a group of eager workshop participants and tell them that you know absolutely NOTHING about the color wheel...and they are counting on you for dyeing techniques? Sometimes I wonder what I am doing even teaching dyeing. Am I out of my mind? Okay, let's just not go there right now... but I can teach what I to dye the silk, float color, get intensity, pattern and make beautiful nuno. So far, the classes have been successful...but I am anticipating that one failure that is due to occur. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I have a nuno skirt in mind, so much so that it is infiltrating my dreams on a nightly basis. I've simply got to get the table cleared off and get it laid out and get rolling! I've been drawing in out, thinking, planning, making samples, discovering shrinkage is the time to implement!

There are so many family things going on right now, aging and ill parents, moving them into appropriate living spaces, doctor appointments, packing up their apartments, disposing of things, selling things, oh it is all exhausting. Makes me what to get rid of everything in my home so that my children never have to do this for me. Then, I look around at just the wool in this house and know they will have to put on a fiber festival here in our yard if I die.

One of the gals whose work I took with me to Rhinebeck is Elynn Bernstein. Her web site is: Please go check out her clothing line, it is simply amazing. Ellyn makes amazing coats and her nuno is simply lovely! I was so honored to rep her delicious felts. Love her style!

Sorry about the faceless nuno felts. After a day of work, I looked tired and cut off the face on purpose. Some days, it just ain't that nice to look at!

If you can come to one of the classes, that would be great. If you can't, will you share the information with a friend?

Thanks for popping by!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Whirlwind of events lately, have taken their toll on my energy. Rhinebeck, NY was a wonderful event, then off to Ann Arbor, MI for Fiber Expo, set up, tear down, drive 14 hours here, sleep best you can then off to the next place, again, another 14+ hour drive, total exhaustion. Finally, I am home, back where the food is outstanding, the arms are warm, the eyes soft on mine, the bed is mine. Home, my favorite place to be.

I taught a nuno felt workshop this past Saturday, and I've just got to say that it was the hardest class I've ever taught, the most rewarding, the most honest, and I gave the most I've ever given in a class; so much so that I was unable to get out of bed on Sunday from the total fatigue of it all. From now on, I will always teach this way.

Thirteen wonderful women showed up for this dyeing and nuno felting workshop. I was so honored by their presence and absolutely in love with the works they produced. Each one was unique, totally beautiful, well executed, simply spectacular. I expect to see so many wonderful things in nuno coming from these gals. The whole room had great anticipation as we all monitored what the outcome of the wraps. I'll be quiet for now and let the pictures do the talking. Ladies, do take a bow. Your handiwork is lovely!