Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Whirlwind of events lately, have taken their toll on my energy. Rhinebeck, NY was a wonderful event, then off to Ann Arbor, MI for Fiber Expo, set up, tear down, drive 14 hours here, sleep best you can then off to the next place, again, another 14+ hour drive, total exhaustion. Finally, I am home, back where the food is outstanding, the arms are warm, the eyes soft on mine, the bed is mine. Home, my favorite place to be.

I taught a nuno felt workshop this past Saturday, and I've just got to say that it was the hardest class I've ever taught, the most rewarding, the most honest, and I gave the most I've ever given in a class; so much so that I was unable to get out of bed on Sunday from the total fatigue of it all. From now on, I will always teach this way.

Thirteen wonderful women showed up for this dyeing and nuno felting workshop. I was so honored by their presence and absolutely in love with the works they produced. Each one was unique, totally beautiful, well executed, simply spectacular. I expect to see so many wonderful things in nuno coming from these gals. The whole room had great anticipation as we all monitored what the outcome of the wraps. I'll be quiet for now and let the pictures do the talking. Ladies, do take a bow. Your handiwork is lovely!


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