Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flops +

Success and failure and frustration and re-inventing .... the way things are, right now.

I had put a nice, long, hard felt handle on the bag for Jami. I had sanded the bag with an electric sander, then rolled it for about 4 hours and was getting pretty tired. I threw it in the dryer on "air only" to let it flop about a bit while I took a break. When I opened the dryer door, one side of the handle had pulled away for the bag. I had this awful sinking feeling, wanted to cry and hoped secretly that the felt fairies would show up and make it all better. They didn't. I was stuck trying to re-think the bag and salvage it from nearly being thrown away. I finally decided to cut handles, and have now taken the bag to a friend/seamstress who is going to add leather straps to it. This is being done so that Jami has the option to carry by hand or throw over her shoulder. (Can a woman ever have too many options?) These are not my final photos of the bag, just showing my progress, if you want to call it that. This bag is 6 layers thick. I think I'll not do that again. I do love how the silk and wool play together on the surface.

The other item shown here is a wrap cloak that I've been working on. This is my second one and I wanted to add a collar to it. The collar is a stolen piece from a different " failed piece", cut and sewn into place on the cape. It turned out so nicely. I am well pleased with the results on the cape...and so thankful I didn't have to model it.

Looks like a very busy week ahead of me. Dear Jone ( pronounced Yona, long o) will be leaving for Finland on Tuesday,(so going to miss her!) taking care of some family needs, doctor appointments, dental appointments, yada-yada-yada...that kind of week awaits me. I'll pop in here when I have something to share.

If I forget to tell you how much I appreciate you all stopping by, let me do it now. Just knowing that you stop by helps me feel less isolated. Thanks you so much. You are THE BEST!



WonderWhyGal said...

The bag is may not be what you intended but your idea of the leather straps is taking it to a whole new level.


Unknown said...

Looks lovely Susan!!!! I put leather straps in 2 bags recently and loved it! have a great week with blessings

Heather Woollove said...

Suzanne--I'm sorry that you've had a 'felting blip', but as you so kindly reminded me...things do ultimately become what they're meant to become!!
I do know the feeling, though...esp
when you've planned something so
carefully and when it's for someone
so special. Sighhhhh.
Do you have the German felting book Mit Kindern Filzen? Nicola (Clasheen) recommended it to me and it has wonderful ideas for bag making (and you don't really need to speak German to 'get it'!!)
Don't forget that there are many of us out here who love you!!! Smooches!

Kim van Waardenburg said...

wow nice wrap!! And the bag looks great too. Don't give up you always learn new things from mistakes :)

have nice day!!

Hooked On Felt said...

You all are so kind. I figure that goofs are design elements waiting to be discovered. Looks like I'm in for a lot of discovery, huh?

Heather, no I don't have the book. I've never had this happen with a bag and I've been making them for years. Maybe it is just a way to introduce leather works to my felt works. I'll check on the book though. Amazon maybe?

Barbara Marr said...

We learn every day that Felt knows what is best. Came out beautiful!!!

primdollie said...

I love the bag and wrap!! I esp love the colors and design and textures in the bag!! It looks amazing despite the mishap in the silly dryer!! I think it's fabulous!! I know she will love it!! hugs!!