Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monoliths, Cappuccino, and Four Dreaded Women

It's a quiet Saturday morning, gray skies, bits of clutter that needs attending to, a hot cup of cappuccino at my ready, and am compelled to blog a bit.

This week Sharon Costello, of Black Sheep Designs, announced the Felter's Fling line up on her website. So many talented felters will be there, teaching, sharing, making memories. I'd like to go. Will have to see about that. Here is the link.

I think you'll be impressed with the line up she has provided this year.

So while I 'm reading through the list of folks who will be at Felter's Fling, I come upon the YURT Guy link and begin anew, my search on line for monolithic or dome or yurt living units. I love them. My ideal living space has become the dome. For those of you who read this blog often, you know of my passion for monolithic structures. There is something in the simplicity, the womb or earth shape, the safety, the unusual, to be sure, that attracts me to the shape; finding them rather comforting. However, there are some things that make them look rather stark as well, and that I find less attractive. However, while looking on line for monolithic homes, I found the one that combined so many features that I like, mixing the traditional with the unusual--creating beauty and balance. If you are interested, here is the link:
I could so live there!

The Four Dreaded Women are pins that have been ordered and they will be on the way today. They are time consuming to make. I've enjoyed making them, but am unsure if it is something I want to add to my product line. Maybe they will be what I do on those days when my arms have fallen off and I can finger felt only.

Cappuccino is gone, time for me to get moving. Blessing surround you....look!

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