Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Bird House

Just a few minutes to write today, much to do, still getting ready to leave for Asheville, NC. We leave early next week and will be away for a week. I will miss being home.

I got to thinking about how our felt bird pods....(you've made one, haven't you?) are really green and they last a long time even left out of doors throughout the year. I just love the versatility of felt and felt products.

This is a small sample of the next project I am working on. It may be mid August before I get it all done. I am the slowest feltmaker ever!

Off to get more stuff ready to go.

Felt Happy!


GalaFilc said...

Fine idea - house for birds )))

Ginny Huber said...

Love your bird pods, Suzanne. And lucky me, I got to see some in person there! Here's to a wonderful time teaching in Asheville, stressless preparation (if possible)..and I doubt that you are the slowest felter around!! Will look forward to see more of the pictured project!!

Hooked On Felt said...

This particular bird pod was sent off to live across the great pond to Chrissie Day. I am loving the organic feel of these pods, the wilder looking, the better. I am using them to experiment with some wools that I'd not normally use.

Ginny, I am trying to recover from this awful cold. I want to be at least 90% by the time we leave for NC. It's a long drive and I have to teach. Yikes!