Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In a Few Short Days...

 In a few short days I will be driving off to Pueblo, CO to teach for three days and then spend some time with my friends and fellow fiber artist Donna Gower.  Donna is a magnificent weaver and I am honored to have several of her pieces in my home.

I am looking forward to the 20+ hour drive, the vast expanse of flat land as I drive through Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska and then the dauntingly beautiful Rockie Mountains off on the distance horizon. I can already imagine John Denver singing "Rockie Mountain High" running through my head.

 The car is all packed except for the final few things, I'll fill the tank tomorrow afternoon, and hope to  leave by 4AM on Thursday. My father in law and husband are starting the " she's leaving and we don't want her to go" phase of my getting ready for a trip. In their defense, I spent all of yesterday dealing with the excited/sadness of this trip and leaving my home and my men. Dad is quite dependent on me for his social interactions...we play well together. He does miss me terribly when I leave. Jim and I just very simply do not like to be apart for any reason, but we do understand that some things just need to happen. With all of that being said, I am now very excited about the trip to CO.

 I wanted to share the bird pod that I made several years ago and the wee wrens that are raising their fledgeling there. It is one of my larger pods that they chose this year and the pod is noisy these days, with the frantic calls of ' feed me". I imagine that they will have flown away by the time I return home, but I am hopeful that they will raise a second group of hatch lings in the same pod. Wrens are small birds and fly pretty fast. Trying to get a photo of them was a real task. Their songs just totally make me smile. Their sound is "happy"
I've been making a hat a day for the past few weeks, As Hillevi Huse says...." a hat a day.....".  I think that is great!

I have a great many ideas in my head, but making hats is when all of those ideas congeal. It's not that it is mindless for me, it's that it is familiar and my mind can wander. I keep the drawing book close by.

Brief question: do you want me to continue to blog or not?
So much happens on FaceBook and I am wondering if I am duplicating and boring .

Blessings to each of you!

Felt Happy!



Andrea said...

If it is extra work you need to cut out of your schedule, I understand. But I vote for the blog! I like the format, and enjoy reading about what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I second the vote to keep blogging

tess stieben said...

As one who has just found your blog and recently been bitten by the textile bug I sure do hope you continue blogging. Yes a lot is happening on fb these days, so much so that myself and many others I know have become dissatisfied with its corporate pollution creeping into what used to be a good way to keep in touch with friends. Now its just another gimmick to get people to "like" major box store chains. so my vote, blog away.

Anonymous said...

I just happened on your blog and I am so impressed with your work. I would love to see more of the beautiful items that you seem to put together so effortlessly. I am new to needle felting and can't put it down. The different paths that I am seeing are so exciting that I can't wait to try making scarves, hats, etc. What a creative outlet. If you find the time please keep blogging.