Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally, a felt!

Finally, a felt. This is a small piece of traditional wet felt that was originally a multi-colored piece of felt. I was not content with the colors so it went for a dive into the dye pot. Many of the other previous colors have left their mark on the felt and added another dimension to the finished piece. Once the wet felt was done, I added a bit of sequenced fabric, cover it with hand dyed Wensleydale locks by needle felting them into place, then covered all of the locks and fabric with a thin, ultra-thin layer of silk from a hand-dyed silk hankie. I hope to get it in a frame at some time, but for now, this is what it looks like.

I a so anxious to get back to making felt. I have too many ideas going through my head and not nearly enough time to get them all done. Isn't this a common concern for so many of us???? I have perhaps spent too much time with with dye pots, but that is so much fun too. Seems that I plan to felt nearly everyday, then suddenly I am asleep and there is no felt fairy that has shown up to make my ideas a reality while I sleep! (What's up with that?) Still, I will take the time to draw out the felts and put them on my mental shelf of things to do. To everything, there is a season....making felt too I suppose.

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