Sunday, June 8, 2008

God is in the details, Acts of God, Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival

An amazing fiber event at Hoosier Hills. Amazing amounts of courage of both vendors and customers, amazing teamwork among vendors, amazing about of rain...9 inches fell Friday night alone. More and more rain fell throughout the day on Sat. By 3:30, roads were being closed, water rising in rivers, roads impassable, booths filling with water, or in a state of drying out...slowly. Was the fiber event the best I've ever attended? No! Was it the most memorable? Yes, Yes Yes!

Ya know, we go to the events to meet people, connect with customers, see what's new, teach, learn, touch and to be visually stimulated. As a vendors, we also hope to make our expenses, and make some money. Did that all happen? Slightly. Met some cool people, made my expenses, but mostly, we got home safe more pouring rain.

I suppose I could be upset, sad, frustrated, angry, and a whole bunch of other unhealthy feelings. Rather, I've decided to be grateful, thankful, delighted, happy, content, and am simply mindful that God is in the details, including and not limited to, the rain! My God Reigns! My God Rains!

There will be other fiber event, but I doubt that there will be others as memorable as 2008 Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. I'm still glad that I was there for the event. It will be one that we'll talk about for years to come.

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Sonya said...

I know that I will never forget it. It will get filed under "what I will do for yarn/fiber"