Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Felt Gautlet Wrist Warmers

I've had an idea running around in my head for several days now and finally decided to put it to the test. It worked! Each of these wrist warmers, fingerless gloves, gautlets are one piece. I wish I had made the roses larger than I did, but over all, I'm happy with the first effort. I'll have to take what I've learned from this experiment and try again until I've "really got it". I find that I enjoy the trials and errors as much as finally mastering a technique. I am a slow learner, so it should be awhile before I post many others. I think that these will end up having more fun stuff done to them. I see beads in my near future. Hmmmmmmmmmm, which stack are they in?

1 comment:

zoe Laven said...

These are beautiful. How many stitches and rows did you do before you felted them? Also, how did you make the flowers?