Friday, November 21, 2008

Trying to create through "THE MISERY"

The hat/scarf combo I crocheted while I've been sitting on the sofa sick with "The MISERY" (see previous post). The tiny wall piece is constructed from bits and pieces with some heat bondable angelina. The colors are white, gold, burgundy and a deep olive green. The angelina is in gold, pink, green, and a wonderful blue. The photo does not capture how lovely this little piece is. It makes me smile. The final photo is one of the married hats I've designed from scraps of wool felt that were made with no purpose in mind. The pieces were put onto one of my needle felt forms with pins, then hand sewed. I was not sure if I'd like the effect, but I do.

My beloved husabnd is also coming down with this horrid cold/flu. God bless him. I was so hoping it wouldn't happen!

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