Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michigan to Maryland- ROAD TRIP!

I am accustomed to working alone, but these days prior to a show, I need all of the help that I can get. Kate, much loved daughter and Zach, much loved son to be, have been working so hard to help me get ready for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I leave on Monday and will be gone for 10 long days. I'll be staying with my sister for the whole time and am very much looking forward to seeing her and her husband. I'll be in Susan's Fiber Shop and will have a bunch of felting spinning batts, feltmaking kits and some fun stuff to share.
Orders have been coming in, kits have to be made up, batts to be made, locks to be dyed, hats to be made, ( which I fell of the wagon on getting one completed per day...what was I thinking?????????????????) van to pack, then re-pack, check list, re-check list, pay bills due while I am away, where is my check list? , where are my directions, did I fill the tank? and so on. Still, with all of the work, I am looking forward to being with my friends, meeting new people, and sharing the absolute joy of feltmaking. I get a bit scattered while I am getting ready for a show, there is so much to do and wool is flying everywhere. I sometimes wish I was one of those more organized folks, planned, all put together, but that's just not how I operate when it comes to this art form. It does overwhelm me at times, and then I sit in front of my computer, and go to and listen to Susan Boyle. It somehow helps. I thank God for her voice and her sweet, spirity self. I laugh and cry when I watch her and it is a good thing for me.
I'll write more when I get back and oh, I did want to mention that Martha Ely Steines will have my hat forms at the Shepherds Harvest: Here is that information:
shepherd's harvest
washington county fairgrounds
lake elmo mn
may 9th 900am to 5pm
may 10th 10am to 4pm...
it is great fun with lots of classes and vendors
she is listed under rachels moms-nordic bohemian
Martha has been making some amazing hats using my extra large needle to wet felt hat forms. She is full of fire and joy when she talks felting. Be sure to pop in to see her works!
God's Peace to you all,

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Suzanne Morgan said...

Be safe and have a wonderful time!I hope you sell everything!