Monday, April 27, 2009

What's one more thing?

I've dyed locks, packed the van, repacked the van, shipped out the last minute orders, checking the list, wondering if I've missed something, will I make any money? Will I get the flu? .....Then, decided to dye up some more fiber, here is Tussah silk. It is so dreamy, creamy in my hands. Almost don't want to pack it up! I love the way silk takes to the dyes, how it shines, how it adds so much to felt and spinning. I am so thankful that God made silk worms. Aren't they a wonderful little gift giver?

This will be my final post until I get back from the show in Maryland. I hope that we have great sales and meet many new folks. If you are a felter who is planning on being there, please, please stop in to say Hello to me and Susan and Ruth and Holly and Donna. We'd dearly love to see you.
Blessings and Peace,


Mariana said...

the colors of that silk are just gorgeous! great work!

Deeners said...

Hi, I got some of your batts at Maryland and they are stunning. The colors are so intense. I bought the batts because of how they looked on the outside and was amazed to see how even more beautiful they were when I saw the inside. Just wanted to say thanks.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

I love those little silk worms too! They do bring us the most wonderful fiber.