Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red Mushroom, Walks in the Woods

Yesterday I went to the woods with my husband and as we were walking we came across these stunningly beautiful mushrooms. This morning I returned, in the rain, and shot some photos of them. I've never seen them before and hope that maybe someone else has. I've looked on the net for some information and think they might be edible, but am unsure. The color took my breath away. There were probably about 30 of these lovely shroom, some larger than a man's hand. The color made my mouth water. Does anyone have any ideas about what this might be?

I've canceled my trip to Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in New York for Sept. There is too much going on for me to feel free to leave. I love that area, but I may have to wait until next year to go. I am still on to teach at the Wisc. Sheep and Wool Festival in September. It will be so good to see friends there and meet up with other felters. What amazing talents are there. Susan McFarland, Mary Wallace and Ruth Gross knock my socks off with their amazing talents. Can hardly wait to see what they've done next.

Well, lots to do today so I'm off for now.
Good felting to all of you!


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Beautiful mushrooms! Thanks for sharing!

flying fish said...

It's days (weeks?) later...don't eat those mushrooms! Really not edible.

Your felt hats are awesome!

flying fish said...

guess I could have said, I think the mushrooms are Amanita...very poisonous.

Hooked On Felt said...

Oh, good, I did not eat'em!