Saturday, February 20, 2010

Island City Art Hop HUGE Success!

Ms. Allison finished up her boots in time for the wonderful Island City Art Hop last night. She decided to bead the rams on the outer side of the boots. They got many comments of high praise and unfortunately, they did not sell. They are so lovely, I'm sure that they will.

The Plainwell Art Hop was a a huge success, even for me in a rather out of the way location. I can only imagine that many of the folks that were in the "walking" part of show had a wonderful response to their exhibits. The main part of the hop was in the downtown Plainwell shops, all walking distance from each other. The weather was wonderful, cool, crisp, clear, no wind, not snow. It really was just wonderful for those that attended. I sold a ton of stuff and came home with far more money than I ever thought I would. Sold a bunch of hats, wraps, felted soaps, and have made wonderful contacts, including several galleries that I want to carry my items. I did not expect much, but much was delivered from this first time Art Hop. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and brought home as much money as I did. Suffice it to say, I was shocked at my earnings. Thank you Plainwell and surrounding areas! I am honored that you spent the time and the money with me.

Since I closed my shop several years ago, there are so many people, customers, that I don't get to see anymore. It was such delight to be able to see them again. We kinda got the chance to catch up, share, talk about classes, and just be together.

Today, I will unpack the van, put stuff away, answer some emails, pack up the orders, talk with my mom, take a nap, have salmon for dinner, a glass of wine before bed, a count the many blessings of this day. Today, I will rejoice, give thanks, and be glad in this day.

Shalom and joy to you,


Heather said...

Oh Suzanne...what a lovely event!
I'm so happy for your success and especially for your connection to those who, I'm sure, have missed you as much as you have missed them.

krex said...

Glad to hear the event was a successful one for you, they really do take so much work to prepare for. I hope that it means people are doing better financially and not struggling so much just to "get by".