Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ms. Allison

I've been working with a young lady, Ms. Allison, who has long enjoyed my hats and is now learning to make felt herself. She was in a class a few entries back and made a black and pink bag, that was wonderfully made. We've struck a deal. I'll teach her something felt related for a day then she'll work in studio for me for a day. She is young, she is eager to learn, she is talented and I so enjoy her company. She is a dear.

Here Allison is working on a pair of boots with flat resist. She also used prefelt inlay for the ram design. She is going to embroider around the ram in black yarn to make him pop. The boots were made from a lincoln-teeswater cross wool. The results were spectacular.

The fingerless mittens I made. I started them out as a lime green but the color was too intense for me and lacked a great deal of personality, in my opinion. I over dyed them and now think they has a decent personality. (Sometimes I wish a plop in the dye pot would change my personality, especially on those snarly days.)

I've also picked up a couple of new books over the past few weeks. One looked great for interior design and felt, but to my dismay, it was all commercially produced felt, not that that's bad, it was just not my focus. Some of the ideas are pretty cool, and I may try some of the ideas in the future. I'll try to get them listed in the next few days.

Lots going on in life right now so it may be a bit before I get back to the blog.
Make happy felt!


Claudia said...

Dear Suzanne,
Thank you for your kind comments! I love your blog and also your work very much.
Nice greetings from Holland, Claudia

krex said...

The boots look great . I wish we could return to the days of more "apprentice learning " to replace the modern educational system . What better exchange then knowledge for labor....a true win/win .

Allison said...

I love you Suzanne! I love learning from you, and working for you will be so much fun, and very rewarding. I can't wait :) Thanks for everything you do, you are an inspiration.

Hooked On Felt said...

I've been thinking a lot of the whole apprenticeship thing and of how beneficial it can be to those involved. I'm going to start looking into a way to do this on a broader basis. Allison is going to be my "test drive" on it. I wonder if others in the felting world are doing it as well? Know of any?