Monday, January 25, 2010

Beads, Bangles, and Bracelets

I've decided to use up some of the little things laying around here. These are the beads, bangles and bracelets that I've come up with. They are little things, things that are fun to play with. My granddaughter loves them. She is 17.

I am finding new ways to fill some voids while I am felting. I used to read a lot but now that felting has become the daily focus of my life, there is rarely time for that, and frankly, the energy. So I've made a trip to the local library to begin getting books on CD. Wonderful! I am currently listening to: THREE CUPS OF TEA. It's been a fascinating listen, and it soothes my "multi-tasking" heart. I often listen to music, jazz, classical, piano, flute, hymns, and praise music. It feels good to be adding some reading to the mix. Any good books you can suggest?

Do you work in silence or do you have music or TV or waterfall? Just wondering.


Jasmine said...

I love your fun jewelry. I make some from time to time too. I find them nice and easy pick up and put down projects for when i don't have a full hour, or afternoon to work with other felt things.

Not sure of which books to suggest. I know Radio 4 (UK) have some amazing radio plays and narration of books. Maybe you could listen to it over the internet?

Heather said... your blog! Book ideas, I have plenty. 'The Monsters of Templeton' by Lauren Groff is amazing. 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett is wonderful, too. 'Final Salute' by Jim Sheeler is very moving, and for sheer 'listening pleasure and fun', the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' series by Ann Brashares is read by one of the best 'books on tape' actresses I've ever heard! These are all very different, so hopefully I will have listed one that you might enjoy (I love them all!).

Hooked On Felt said...

Thanks for the suggestion Jasmine and Heather. I didn't get any listen time today, but am planning a full day of it tomorrow...and maybe I'll get back to making felt. I hope so!

yvette said...

I work in silence (if you like read my last post...)about silence.


yvette said...

when we felt with several women we sing while we roll a big felt so the ritm comes with the song.
Bey bey

Hooked On Felt said...

That whole process sounds wonderful. I love the sounds happy women make together. Making "happy sounds and singing" while making felt, what sweetness! Thank you so much for sharing that. Do you get to do this often?

lizet frijters said...

Lovely jewelry and beautiful colours too. I usually work in silence, but have teens making noise or asking questions. Love to have my private time to think and work.

Initial Charms said...

Using up old stuff to recycle into new creative ideas is a wonderful thing.You have recreated magic I am sure all teenager would love to adorn them.Colorful and vibrant they look fantastic.