Monday, January 4, 2010

Know Your Body Shape!

Somewhere between "I'm so tired I can't sleep" and "My gallbladder is killing me" I decided to work on a pair of fingerless arm sheaths. I couldn't find my old resist, so I made a new one...only I forgot to make it right! I used a resist that did not account for the fact that arms get wider as they approach the elbow. (Really, should have just gone to bed anyway) and so I have a lovely pair of fingerless arm sheaths that will fit no one but me and my granddaughter. The resist needs to be larger as well in the width. I am a tiny person, and when I am working in size non- specific, I tend to go toward my size. Got to stop doing that! Anyway, Sweet Granddaughter will get these. They are snug even on me. So next resist will be two inches larger in width, with a gradual increase in width toward elbow. I made this pair out of a blue-faced Leicester and silk, with hand dyed silk fabric on the top. I used 4 very thin layers of wool. They are subtle, soft and very warm. I think Elizabeth will like them, and I have had to re-learn remembering the shapes of arms.
Off to make felt...maybe in a more normal size this time!


Anonymous said...

I just started felting and am wanting to make some of these. What do you use for your resist?

Hooked On Felt said...

I used the heavy plastic that is used under hardwood floors. It is very pliable, come in rather large rolls at Home Depot, Menard's. What are you thinking of using?