Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm growing more and more focused on creating some order in my life. There is so much going on that I need that somewhere, and for now , I am choosing my home. My beloved granddaughter Mollie is helping me with so many of the little things that need to be taken care of. There is too much to get done and only one of me. If I could only turn the ideas and the brain off. What a help that would be sometimes!
Often, when there is so much to do, I can only start a small thing that I know I can finish. These are the 'small things" that I've been able to do over the past few days. These are 50/50 merino silk, in 4 ounce bundles. I love to felt with these--it's what i do my felt flowers out of, and I love to spin this stuff! Anyway, I've posted them on Etsy if anyone is interested. I'll get back to felting soon, but for now, Mollie and I getting lots of things done. It feels so good!


Shalana, the funky felter said...

it is nice that you have help :) hope you get it all done quickly and back to felting.

Hooked On Felt said...

Hey, great to hear from you!
Mollie is here two hours a day. What a huge difference it has made after one week. I've often said, I need a "Stepford Wife" to help out. Kinda creepy, but many will understand exactly what I mean.
I lived alone for 16 years. If I needed physical help from a friend, I could just call. Likewise, they could call me and we'd get it done. I wonder if in our busy-ness that we've lost that somehow.

Julie Petty said...

I so can relate - if I could turn my brain off from time to time I wouldn't have so much to do!