Monday, March 1, 2010

March! YEAH!

I love winter, get to wear wool, hats, sweaters, things I love to wear. I enjoy the white of snow, the quiet, the coolness of weather, the starkness of the trees, but not so much the shoveling of the quiet, white stuff. March is here, the sun is coming up earlier, the moon is setting full. March is so unpredictable here, and I love that.

My friend Christee grows wool, lincoln-teeswater cross long wool. I have about 3 pounds of it and have been busying dyeing some of it. This was dyed in deep, blood, red. After it was dry, I began to blend it with some merino. I did it at about a 70/30 ratio, with the merino the 30%. I blended two ounces of the blood red with red merino, then another two with brown merino, then another two ounces with pinks. All of these are used in this bag, and the color play has been great fun. The camera doesn't capture the colors. I've enjoyed making this bag.

This is just a sack bag, no pockets, just simple resist. It measures about 12x12 inches. I am hoping to get more wool from Christee, it felts heavenly fast, dyes beautifully. It is a long wool, so it is course, idea for outer wear, wonderful for heavy use, perfect for making more bags. I think I will focus on bags this week.

Happy March!

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Cameron said...

I am impressed by your use of color. I love a variety of color in the mix also, and I agree, I wish that our picture picked up all the great highlights that our works have. I love the color that shows-beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.