Monday, March 8, 2010

A very good week

It's been a great few days here. Had lunch with Dawn, of on Thursday, got to spend some play time with Ms. Allison on Friday, and 14 dear friends here for Sabbath dinner. It's been wonderful to relax and enjoy friends.
On Friday, Allison brought a needle felting machine with her, one she borrowed from a friend. Neither of us had used one before so we decided to try it out on one of the merino prefelts I have here. She took some of the colorfully dyed Northern Lights from Louet and did random placement of the roving onto the prefelt. What fun, and how fast! She had an art date with her boyfriend that evening and wanted to wear it. I think it looks wonderful on her. She is going to wet felt it later. We were both amazed at how fast the machine works. I am unsure, but I think I may try a few things on it as well.

I made two more bags, this blue one has a cell phone pocket on the front. I am finding that more and more, I look for cell phone pockets on bags, and thought I'd better start adding them to this series of bags. My camera also fits into the pocket nicely. There is another one drying right now, it is made of hot fuchsia and hot orange. It is nearly the same as this bag with the exception that it has a pocket on the inside as well. I used corriedale in the blend, and the texture is not as smooth as I had hoped. Looks like I'll go back to the merino/teeswater blend. I just like the surface far better.

I've carried this hat to a good many shows, with little attention paid to it. It was a muted rose color, simple elegance in style, but the color just did not lead itself to looking really great on any skin tone. So per my usual, it got the great dip into the dye pot. I over dyed it in chestnut first, then added burgundy and red. I love it so much, I may keep it. the colors are like a water color in the rain. This photo does not do it justice.

A few days ago I was trimming up my geranium plant, getting new starts for the upcoming spring season. When I cut off some of the main stack, one of the leaves fell off and landed near one of my scarves on the table below. I placed the leaf on the scarf and was shocked at how close the colors where. Can you see it? The leaf is in the upper right hand corner of the scarf. It was so cool to see these same colors in nature that I had put into my scarf. Just kind of cool. I love the dye pots! Wonderful things happen there!

I've got a lot of Spring Cleaning to get done. I need to get rid of clothes in the closet, things I'll never wear again and simply de-clutter my life. This will be the focus of the week.
I need to get back to hat making. 10 have sold this past week, so my hat stash is getting low, but for the next few days, got to get some stuff out of the house.

I hope you have a wonderful week exploring felt and the wonderful world all around us.


Laura said...

I, too, have been meaning to declutter the closet. I could probably just purge it, as the clothes I have actually been wearing are on the hanging rack & stacks in the laundry room.

I also need to make a date with your dye pot! I have some oatmeal-colored rovings that could use a bit of perking up. Though, soon I will have some white . . . maybe I should wait?

Barbara said...

Love the scarf and handbag!! I was also wondering how the felting machine works look like it did a gppd job!

Cameron said...

Suzanne, How do you get all the crinkles in your silk? I have been working on nuno felting, trying it again, and trying to get that look. Is it the wool, silk, throwing??? Love to hear back from you.