Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes, it's all about the color

This is an extraordinarily long wrap with only 5 felted flowers on it. It really is all about the color, lilac on violet with a touch of fuchsia. This is one of the wraps I've been working on. I adore the color...though I am not so sure it looks so wonderful with a gray t-shirt and black jeans. Sorry, I was the only model available. Just cannot convince the wonderful Jim to get in front of the camera to model for me. This color would really work on him! I think I am going to add some small bead work to the center of each of the flowers, just to bling it up a bit. Still, I think the color is a stand alone color. Is it too long? I hope not.


Kim said...

Beautiful color, though my colors are those gorgeous golds and oranges of previous posts. This is an eyecatcher though, no doubt, and the flowers set it off well. The beading would look splendid as well. Lovely as always!

monique said...

I love the colour!!!
Iam making silk scarves at the moment myself red,orange,lila,pink.
I love those colours.

picking up the pieces said...

stunning and so is the model.

Cameron said...

Suzanne, I love your purple, and the flowers are great. I also looked back, did you do the wall hanging with the little kids? It was so great. Looks like they had such a good time with it.