Saturday, April 10, 2010

Upcoming classes and pretty little things

A bit back, I was asked to be part of The Rose Gazebo art shop on Mackinaw Island. I think she is going to have about 50+ artist there, including my dear friend, Dawn Edwards of Felt So Right. (see side bar for her website) Jodie, the gal who is opening the shop, has asked me to supply her with many things...most of which I'll be lucky to get done! We talked a good deal about price points and how she needed to have some of the smaller items that walk out of the door easily. I decided to dye up a bunch of merino silk in some wonderful water colors (she is opening the shop on an island after all) and made up 50 felted soaps for her. I hope these soaps will grow feet and will walk out the door for her. She also wants 30 pin cushions, 30 bags and 30 nuno wraps! ...all by the end of the month, YIKES! I am confident that I'll be working into the wee hours of the morning trying to accomplish all that she wants for her shop, plus get ready for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival at the end of the month.

The teaching schedule is filling fast this year. I am so pleased to be introducing or furthering felting for so many. I will be teaching at Barb Marr's in Allegan, MI this next weekend for a group coming up from Chicago, have 5 women for a class in July at my home, Michigan Fiber Festival, two classes at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, and will likely hold another class in October.

I've also been asked to teach at our local library, children and adults next month. It is always great fun to be with the children. They are not programed to think a certain way, thus they listen to their hearts and beauty is created. They are my favorites to show how to felt, then stand back and let them discover what their hands can do. Children are amazing! If you are interested in taking a class from me, please feel free to contact me. I do teach privately if that is what you need.

We are anticipating a very large group here for dinner tomorrow at our Sabbath Group. I think there may be 20 people. I better get "the studio" turned back into a dining room as soon as I can.

Have a blessed weekend and remember to rest. It refreshes your soul.

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yvette said...

your felt soaps are great!
I hope you stay enjoying feltmaking if you must produce so much in short time.

I once have been asked to make 80 pairs of feltboots...I said no thank you.

love you