Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Viking Horn's or Roses

This is a fairly large resist, 32 inches wide x 22 inches tall. Very large even by my standards, but I was planning only 2 fine layers of wool in the layout of the fiber. As Bonnie Arhens taught me; "trust the wool, trust the wool". I achieved well over 50% shrinkage, but it did take a long time, a lot of rolling, nearly to the point of boredom....and that has never happened for me before. Finally, it was done being felted, but then the time for how to form it. Because of the points on it, it could have been formed into a "Beautiful Viking"...which I did play with for a good bit, but in the wee, small, quiet hours of the morning (1:30 AM to be exact) I made the decision to go with the roses. This is my new favorite hat because it it ultra light weight, tons of colors and silk fabric laminate on the surface it just perfectly felted into place. I might have to keep this one for myself...but I always think that when I make a new hat. Still thinking about a "Beautiful Viking" hat for the near future.

The felt making class for August 7th is filled. I am now forming an overflow list and we may do it again in October, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact me through the website.

I'll be at the Midwest Folk and Fiber for the rest of the week. I hope you all have wonderful felting adventures.

Until next week,

Late entry:
The hat, completely dry weighs 2.7 ounces. Even I am shocked!


Gifelt said...


Barbara Marr said...

Fantastic colors. Do catch me up as soon as you return.

kgibson1228@yahoo.com said...

It beautiful! And I am so glad you went tith the roses, since Vikings had no horns!

Hooked On Felt said...

I think the male vikings did, but not the women. It was just a fantasy hat anyway. So fun to make, and thanks for your comments. I so appreciate it.