Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My New Favorite Cup + Tea + Veracious Cold

Dear Jone gave this wonderful little cup to me this past week, along with a terrible cold. The cup is my new favorite, which is unusual for me. I am usually a big mug kind of gal, but this little cup just fits my hand perfectly, I love the detail and the shape; perfect for a strong cup of tea. And since Jone shared her cold with me, I am drinking a lot of tea with honey in it. Tastes so good when I can taste it.

My booth buddy Christee raises organic sheep, feed, pasture, hay, all organic, all wonderful! She is breeding for a long silky staple length and she is so achieving that goal! The fleeces that are shown here are from her flock. They are a cross breed-Teeswater-Coopworth in the raw.

I've used Christee's fleece for my bags, some for spinning, love to dye the stuff!!!!! and have used it most frequently for the birdpods. It felts tightly, lock structure is long and strong and soft. It remains a course wool, naturally, but it does have a wonderful hand to it. I am hoping to send some off to a friend today, and then perhaps begin a bit of fiber play myself today if I find the energy. (I hate colds!)

Christee has about 10 white fleeces left. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, please let me know. They weigh about8.5 pounds and the cost is 10.00/pound raw. Working with this wool is pure delight!

Okay, just writing this little bit has exhausted me. Going back to bed now. I really want to play in the wool today, not schlep around on the sofa. Oh well....tomorrow is another day Scarlet.
Successful felting!


WonderWhyGal said...

ooooh, a beautiful cup and gorgeous fleece. I am tempted to purchase one of those fleeces.

I hope you get feeling better. I finally met Jone and hope to get to know her better....uh hum, another reason for us to have a fiber play date.

Drink some tea and get rest so you can feel better.

Tracy Markey said...

what a lovely cup, the colours and the design is perfect! hope you're on the mend now :) my favourite cure-all, is chopped root ginger, slices of fresh lemon and a teaspoon of honey in hot water, a hug in a cup :)x