Friday, April 8, 2011

Rest in Fleece: Woolen Coffins Offer Green Goodbye

Rest in Fleece: Woolen Coffins Offer Green Goodbye

There is something comforting in this thought. How often have some of said we could just lay down in the wool and stay there? I have very often. I'll have to share this with my husband and friends. I've thought of making my own urn for ashes and this helps me in that process of creating such an urn. I've thought it "not fancy" just simply to hold the ashes to be buried in.

Recently one of my small chihuahuas died from a brain tumor. Her ashes are still here in the house until the frost left the ground. I think I will make one for her ashes.

Hope this post isn't too depressing, just interesting and thought provoking. I think a felt shroud would also be lovely... your thoughts?


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Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne, you should do what makes sense to you indeed, and I feel that felt is a fantastic medium for this. it protects and respects our bodies in their last moments above the ground, and it will follow the same natural decay over time.
My grandma passed away last winter. I could not be at her bed in the last weeks. Instead I've felted a vessel, embroidered it, eco-dyed it. I filled it with an eco-dyed silk wrap containing little objects reminding her of her passions. It went on top of her coffin in the ground to accompany her. No picture of it, it's part of letting it go.
Hope this helps?
Warm greetings