Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a Wrap, well, it's a start anyway

This (on the right side) is a small sample of the new weaving I've been working on since the sale of the other wrap. I am using wool, mohair and novelty yarns in both commercial and hand spun form and weaving on a 4x4 square loom. Want to finish this so I can get back to doing some felting.

While at Great Lakes Fiber Show, I stayed with a friend Donna, who is a wonderful weaver. During one evening we spent several hours going through very old Spin- Off newsletters, (pre-Spin-Off magazine) and wonderful books on weaving, something I've had very little interest in, until this past weekend. Amazing workmanship in some of these garments. and very inspiring, indeed. Jan, The Village Weaver, had several wraps that were show stoppers, one with a hand-painted warp. I think it sold before the show even opened. SPECTACULAR! Took my breather away, literally. While I am not a weaver myself, I am in awe of the work of the weaver and the weavers cloth. Jan's wrap is on the display. Isn't it grand?

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