Friday, October 31, 2008

Basic Black, Whimsy and Enfold Me

All three of these hats were made on my new Needle To Wet Felt Hat Forms. I love these forms . It is great for making a consistently very nice basic hat shape. There is not the versatility that is accomplished with a flat resists, but still, a very nice cloche or bell shaped hat can be acheived rahter quickly.

The black hat has silk fabric felted into it, with random stitching around the silk fabric with copper metallic thread. The combination is quite nice together IMO.
The folded blue hat was made using one of my random acts of carded batts, where nearly anything goes! There is a great deal of tussah silk on the surface of this hat and it blended well with the felt.
The purple over-dyed hat has been great fun to work with. First I made the hat in an off white merino, then dyed and over-dyed and resist dyed it about 4 times, then added the hand-dyed Teeswater locks for further surface design and texture. While the black hat is most elegant and versatile to wear, this one with the locks captures my heart a good bit.

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Hooked On Felt said...

This black hat sold in Marshall Michigan after I added a white flower with a hot pink center to it. It just popped this hat all to pieces and the woman who purchased it looked so darn cute wearing it. I hope it makes her feel pretty!