Thursday, December 11, 2008

Needle Felt, and New Life for an Old Sweater

I love, love, love wandering second hand and re-sale shops. I especially enjoy finding items with the tags still on from the original store or owner of the item. Such was the case of this "boiled wool" button up sweater. I had originally planned on purchasing it and then dyeing it to my color preferences, but then I got to thinking about some of the other sweaters that I've needle felted onto and decided to do the same to this one. Now, while not a complicated procedure or technique, getting the fiber to stick and stay can be a bit touchy. I often buy 100% wool sweaters that are several sizes larger than I wear so that after I've needle felted then with rovings, I can very gently full them in the washer or buy hand, knowing that there will be some shrinkage that occurs. I usually use cold water for this and have enjoyed the results very much. I'll try to show the progress of this sweater as it takes it's path down a new road of colors and textures. This project is very portable. I put the sweater on one of my purse forms (which just happens to be perfect for this) and grab a bag of roving, place and needle felt. The inside of the sweater has a water color effect. Almost makes me think I should be putting the wool on the inside and have the watercolr effect on the outside. Hmmmmmmmmmm, now that's another idea to share and play with!

One of the very first sweaters I did this with was in Spin-Off after the Denver Convergence, was that like 6 years ago now???? Anyway, it remains a favorite. I take it with me when I teach and often ask students to add to the sweater. It is all student work and therefore, very special to me.

Did you see the moon last night? By Friday, it is going to be SPECTACULAR and setting very far in the north. It's worth the effort to see it!


liz said...

stunning use of color!

Renee Nation said...

Very inspiring and uplifting. Just what I needed today to help get me going. Can't wait to see it finished.