Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Felts Journey

When I began this project, I'd meant to make a small vest for myself, but as I began working with it, it became clearer and clearer ( along with some helpful urging from Zach, my daughters' beloved) that this felt wanted to be a pillow cover. After it was felted, it just kind of needed to dry over a pillow, and there ya have it, the absolute joy in the felt making journey. Who knew it was going to take a turn...and all I could do was follow happily.

The first layer of this was done completely in black, then with the help of prefelts, the surface design was applied, along with a very light layer of roving. The colors were great fun to work with and I am thinking that I'll be doing a bit more of this type of work. It feels comfortable to work in geometric design. There are rugs, blankets is still running around inside of head and just maybe I'll get them out of my head and into felt on my tables. Gotta start doing more sketch work when the ideas come. Oh, btw, the prefelts were acquired from Jilly Gully at :

We've made the family decision to have me return to nursing full-time. It is not what I'd hoped to do, but I am thankful that I have the skill, training and ability to do this work. I'll be studying to re-take my Nursing Boards, so I'll not be posting much for the next couple of months. I'm going to have to limit my shows, and my felt making. Can you tell my heart is sad? The plan is that I'll study for a few hours each morning right after I walk a couple of miles. I'll walk then head off to the local restaurant for coffee and hit the books. I am walking more and more now that the snow has stopped falling and am convinced that it will help oxygenate the brain calls that are going to have to retrain and retain years of lost nursing information.

I am updating this post and as I am, the sun is coming up--spectacular colors, orange and pink and plum. It's the kind of thing that reminds one of the blessings of each day. There is wonder in each day. I hope you find it today too.


picking up the pieces said...

Anyone would be lucky to have you for a nurse. And the felting will come.
I love this piece by the way.
miss you
rebecca said...

wonderful feltwork!
i'm a felter too,come on my blog,please and have a look.
sorry,my english ist not so good.

Anonymous said...


It turned out great, however it looks much better in person!


Tina said...

Hi Suzanne, love the piece! It turned out really nice and I like the placement of the prefelts. I look forward to seeing you at the shows this year! Hope you can make some even though you are busy studying and then working. Maybe the Crystal Lake show?

Headstraight75 said...

Looks great, i have a felt bag in similar hues.

liz said...

Beautiful colors! Love the piece!