Saturday, February 21, 2009

A few of my favorite felty things

In 2008 at the Midwest Felting Symposium, Pat Spark introduced me to the joy of Tupperware lids. This little tool has become so important in my felt making that I wonder how I've made felt without it. It is great for gently encouraging the wool to bind together and for taking out any wrinkles that might occur during the rolling process and for hardening the final felt. I just love it and know that these lids are hard to find. I've got to spend more time in the second hand shop...oh like that's going to bother me~NOT!

Ewa Kuniczak ( introduced me to the wonderful rolling pin made from tubing. I so enjoy using it for finish work, to create a very smooth felt. It's almost like a portable, light weight washboard, but lots better! In the background is my bamboo mat which I tend to believe has become an appendage of mine. These really are a few of my favorite things and I use them almost everyday. Not so pretty, but very important to me.

Beautiful Dianna, my step-daughter popped in this evening to tell us of her day and to bring me a special gift. It is this lovely bottle of wine from New Zealand, Dyed in the Wool. How cool is that! I usually drink a kosher wine because of the added sulfates in most wines, however, I will not resist this one. I'll share it with my Sabbath group one day. Love the label!

Had one felting mishap this week... a hat that I'd working on was done in mostly lovely, bold blues with commercially dyed merino. When I did the final very hot water phase of the fulling, so much of the color spilled over onto the design that it all became very muted in color. It started out very brilliant and rich in the colorways. It's still a good hat, but not what it was intended. I find that happens in my water with pinks, but never had it happen with blues before. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't add a bit of vinegar to the final hot water bath, or just skip it altogether and just do a bit more rolling. Got to figure that one out.

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liz said...

Great tools! A bamboo mat is my favorite, too! Never felt without one.