Saturday, July 4, 2009

At the Speed of Life

There are times in my life, and I think yours too, when things just come at you hard and fast, and then more things come harder and faster. It has been that way these past few weeks and "joy in the moment" has been hard to find or to be. I think that finally, things are beginning to settle, ....because I see dust all over the place!

Today, I will tie up loose ends, clean things, put things away, throw away non-needed items, pack up unwanted items and will spend time with my much loved, precious family.

I have a felt hat design going through my head, and I've cut the resist already. I am anxious to try it, but first things first. ADD makes that very hard for me, but I am going to put maximum effort into staying focused on the thing that need to be done. Sometimes, life gets too far out of control, and mine has been there. I've got to create my own calm then I can make felt.

The hat shown was needle felted onto the large needle to wet hat form, then removed from the form and wet felted. It is not as hard has I'd like it to be so I may work on it further in a few days. But now, I'm off to gather up the dust!

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