Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blue Hares

I spent so much of my childhood in church behind women who dyed their hair blue, I just couldn't resist the title for this entry and the play on words since this hat is made from angora. Maybe that's only funny to me, but I just had to do it!

But, nonetheless, this felt hat is double hooded sculpted hat that was over dyed once it was completed. The reason I chose to over dye it is because it is made of a great deal of angora fiber along with merino wool and silk and mohair accents on the surface. If I had dyed the fibers prior to the felting process I was concerned that it would felt the dye pot, so I waited.

Enjoy the joys in this day!


Hooked On Felt said...

hi suzanne,
i read your blog this morning; and i had to laugh. when i was a little girl; we sat behind grandma white in church and her hair was blue. i thought that was funny.
have a super day,

Denise said...

Hi again Suzanne, I found the fabric that was intended for a shawl that I dyed an umber/pumpkin color. It is silk and the exact color of the sunset. So do I felt that over the canvass and felt more roving over it and then put the tree in and then wet felt it? I'm a little confused, but the method I described seems to work. This would be a great class. Felting with multiple fibers. Great to see you again. Denise