Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coffee Break

I'll be having coffee with my buddy Dawn of tomorrow. I've not seen her in so long it will be a real treat. I've got some of the sari silks I want to share with her. I hope she likes them!

It's about all I have time for today.
I'll try to finish this entry tomorrow after coffee with Dawn .

Post coffee entry:
I think she liked the silks. We made a small flower together so I could show her how to ensure that it attaches. It went well, but we choose colors that didn't really go well together, so though the experiment went well, the end results could have been much prettier has we pad attention to the details of color combination. Nonetheless, I expect to see more silk fabrics showing up in Dawns works. Her hats are wonderful, if you not taken the chance to see them, do take a peek.

We took off for coffee and giggles and long talk. It was good to be with my friend, who also happens to be a felting friend!

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