Monday, August 30, 2010

First Annual Creative Felt Gathering

I don't have enough "OOOOOOOOH's" and "AAAAAAAAAAH's" to describe the Creative felt Gathering in Manchester Michigan. Chad Hagan, Elis Vermeulen and Jone Rakoski were amazing teachers, in a place that called out to feltmakers. Rustic, calm, spacious, beautiful, tress, water, trails. It was an in gathering of wonderful feltmakers and wonderful people. I am so glad I was there. It was perfection!

I was not able to take all of the classes, I arrived two days after the event started. I needed to get some rest after the Michigan Fiber Festival, which was 5 days of intense teaching and "vendoring". I needed to get some rest and I am only sorry that I missed so much of the time with Jone and Elis. To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement, in so many ways! I made this scarf with Jone and a piece of fused glass as well. It doesn't sound like much, but what I came away with is so much more! I simply do not have the words to express it!
(Me, nearly husband is liking this part!)
Back to the felt table for now! Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is coming up shortly. So much to do, so little of me to get it all done!
PS: Elis, me and Rachel in photo


Trudis Felt said...

Lucky you! Having classes with Chad Hagen, Elis Vermeulen and Jone Rakoski! You must have learn a lot, enjoy you scarf, he is wonderful!
Have a nice day!

krex said...

Beautiful scarf and so cool to learn from "masters" .Nothing is as inspiring as learning from people who obviously love what they do .

Judith Colvin said...

Gorgeous Suzanne. How fun that you got to attend. It's amazing how much there is to learn.

Hooked On Felt said...

Trudis, krex, and Judy,
Truly, I do nat have the words to tell all that I learned. i am hoping that some of the things learned will start to show in my work. I want to be a really good felter one day. Most excellent teachers help so much!
Thanks for your comments, much appreciate your stopping by!

Cameron said...

Thanks for visiting Suzanne. Always a joy. I love your work and the great things that you teach others. Fantastic!!! Hugs back, Cameron

Judith said...

Hi Suzanne, I just saw the Creative Felt Gathering on Facebook for Sept. 2011. Can you tell me where they actually list the classes to sign up. My brother lives in Niles, MI and this might be a possibility for me.