Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Felting My Fingerprints Off!

Seriously, I think I could commit crimes and there would be no fingerprints to identify me! I've been felting like a crazy person...but let's no dwell on that too much!

Ms. Allison and I spent the day together yesterday and she made two scarves, one was in the white pre-felt and the other was a lovely nuno felt scarf, her first! I was very please with her designs and lay out. She felts with such ease. I love how her mind works and her hands play!

The cream/tan hat was needle then wet felted. The red hat in an improvisational piece from a former pattern I've used. I took the viking princess hat resist, cut off one of the rosettes/horns and turned the hat around. In stead of making a rose or horn, I cut it open to be flames and then ones own hair becomes part of the design.

The hood is one that I started at the Creative Felt Gathering and finally finished. You can't see very well from this photo but there is a very long tail that hangs off the back of it. It was made with pre-felts, hand dyed prior to felting.

The green, blue and yellow vessel is my beginning creation for Felt United. I am going to do some beading on it and put a floral design in it before it is completed. I'll try to remember to post pics of it when it is done.

I leave in a few hours for Wisc. Sheep and Wool Festival. Other than flying through Chicago, I love the drive there. I am bringing a lot of Bling Batts, teaching and enjoying the company of good friends.

Before I leave, I've got to make a nuno felt scarf for my friend Judy. Her son is getting married next month and she's asked for one of my nuno scarves. I am so honored to do it for her. I'll be working in blues, so those of you who know I struggle with blues, please pray. I'm going to need it!

Shalom and hugs,



Cameron said...

Suzanne, I love them all, but especially the green one. Where did you get those beautiful colors? Do you do your own dying? Wonderful, as always!

Katie said...

Beautiful felting.