Monday, September 13, 2010

Happily Exhausted

Ingrid with nuno scarf and new hat!

Playful customer!

Me and Mary Wallace. We were both teaching so we didn't get to spend much time together, but each time is wonderful! Creative felt genius she is!

Gisela, wonderful feltmaker

Ramsey in hood--she sure is lookin' good!

Jan in newly felted hat and fingerless gloves, looking like a woodland happy heart!

Two more of the students from the fingerless glove class. Did not take a s many photos as I should have, we were under heavy time restraints in this one! They made beautiful felts. I was so proud of them!

Carol with her new hat!

Linda in her new hat!

Ingrid in her new hat!

The beginning with the hat class, Ramsey adding some "are we done yet" antics to the class experience at the near end of the day. So enjoyed these gals.

I am still so tired. Had a great time in Wisc. good sales, met amazing women! Got to see Mary and Martha and Rachel who I see so rarely and love so dearly. Also shared booth space with Brigitte and any time I spend with this woman is a blessing.

It was great to be there, it is also great to be home.


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