Monday, June 21, 2010

Construction Zone

Seems as though I'll be making pods for a good bit. Have orders for them and am enjoying the randomness of designing in my head!

This one is very much like the first in shape and design. I am planning others that will be more abstract in shape. I'm tempted to hang is outdoors, but knowing how fast the birds moved in last time, I'll not chance it. I am however very, and pleasantly surprised at how natural they look hanging from a tree limb. It doesn't look showy nor peculiar, simply interesting. I can imagine a whole backyard filled with lots of different color, shaped and designed pods, filled with feathered friends from many places. It would be nice to become "their summer home" stop.

The fact that these are like wombs to me and that there is life in's good enough.
Much Peace to you,


Licho_Nie_Spi said...

Excellent idea! Many shapes and colors around... Seems fabulous!

Cameron said...

I love them, and the little birds are so tiny and cute. Your are so good to them-Great!!!