Monday, June 14, 2010

New Kids In Town Loving Felt Too!

On a whim, I decided to hang the felt pod outside of my office window Sunday late afternoon. After my walk this morning, I was delighted to find a pair purple finches moving in! They are busy bring nesting materials into the pod and singing orders to each other. Some of the sticks that they brought to put in don't exactly fit, so there is a small pile of sticks gathering under the pod. Pictured here is the squirrel that I thought would move in, but the finches got there first. Their noise is like music! I cannot even begin to express the absolute joy I am experiencing knowing that these beautiful new friends have moved into the pod I made. I am nearly giddy with delight and reminded that simple joys are surrounding me everyday.

I know I have to hit the books and get back to studying! Exam day is coming up soon. Last week was a lost week. Our daughter Dianna fell down a flight of stairs and broke her ankle in three spot. I had to take her to Mackinaw Island where she was scheduled to speak on Tuesday, returned Wednesday, doctor visit on Thursday, and her surgery is scheduled for this week. Seems I am getting some close up and personal nursing in before the exam!

I've been making spinning/felting batts, doing a bit of spinning, and planning my next felt projects. Most of these will have to wait until the exam is over, however, even the planning of them is mental delight. If you are interested in some of the batts that I've made, my friend Carolyn is selling them in her Etsy shop. You can see them at: They are wonderful to spin, and pretty nice for felting as well. I use commercial and hand dyed merino, silks, angora, kid mohair in nearly all of them. Here is a picture of one of the batts, part felted, part spun.

Off to enjoy the day. I hope you find blessings in yours!



martine said...

How wonderful for you, I feel quite inspired to make some too.
thanks for sharing

Kelly said...

How cool! Now you have the gears in my head turning wondering how I can create something for the critters that visit my yard.... I love the picture of the squirrel. Ours here in Florida are so skinny compared to your very healthy looking guy. I hope your daughters surgery goes well. Have a wonderful week.

Heather said...

Oh, Suzanne...I'm sorry to hear about your daughter! I'm sure you were a comfort to her in so many ways, though. I hope she heals quickly and completely.

Hanging your pod out of doors was an inspired thought! I wonder who might move in at my house if I made one, too!?!? Thrilling!!!

Hooked On Felt said...

I am planning on making a bunch more. I have many trees in my yard and would love to fill it with these pods. Since it gets pretty cold in the winter here, these might even be used by our winter birds.
If you are thinking of making some, do it! Sharing felt is great...on so many levels!

Joan Kirton said...

I too experienced "giddy with delight" when you shared the story of the little finchs building their nest. How wonderful!

I have been working on gourd shape vessels over the last few months, but I think I will now convert one or two into hanging gourds instead and see what happens.

Poor Dianna - I know she is good hands. All the best with your exams. Cheers

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Beautifully inspired!

Ladyfishfelt said...

How wonderful. What a great idea. Good luck on your exam!

Hooked On Felt said...

Wow, you've overwhelmed me on this posting! I am thrilled to see this felt piece being used in such a fashion. I know it may seem silly to put so much work, effort, beading, wool, silk, etc. into this felt, only to have it used by sweet finches, but I am kinda diggin' it. So glad you all are too. Thanks again for the encouragements and comments. You are the BEST!

Leah said...

Purple finches are my favorite too. There is something so wonderful about their trill. We've had a pair nesting around our house for the last three years. Looking for an appropriate thank you gift to send to three families who have hosted us recently, I decided to make a set of these pods, one for each, to hang outside their homes. Thank you for the inspiration.