Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fascinating Felt, Felt Fabulous Workshop Date Set

These are just some hanks of the yarns I spin while Jim and I watch TV at night. Though I'd love to, I can't be felting all the time. These will go off to a local shop.

Since I closed the shop some years ago, it's been very difficult for me to teach more than one or two people at a time, and usually at my dining room table, surrounded by a house that needs to be cleaned, desperately! However, I have 5 women who have asked me to teach them at one time, so I had to search for a place to do a workshop. I've found the perfect place and a wonderful group of folks to work with. I am opening the class room up to additional students, so if you are interested, please do contact me and pre-register for the workshop.

Felt Fabulous Making Workshop*

Pre-registration is required

First Come, First In

What: Flat resist one of a kind hat or a multi-resist felt bag-students choice

Where : Otsego Area Historic Museum, 218 N. Farmer Street in Otsego, MI

air conditioned! Large work area

When: August 7th , 2010, from 9am-5pm

Cost of class: $65.00

I will supply everything you need to make your project.

Students need to bring:

2 large bath towels

Apron if desired

Calculator, design ideas, black magic marker, sharp scissors

Something to drink—especially water

Sack Lunch and snack

Wear clothes that can get wet, be very comfortable in your clothing choices.

If you have any questions, please call Suzanne at 269-685-6189 or on cell 269-330-0115


Barbara Marr said...

Thanks for sending me the class info. I will post it in the shop.

Ms. Allison said...

Yay, I already know I have that day off because I took my vacation that week :) I'm so excited! I'm going to try and get my mom to go also.