Friday, February 1, 2008

Chris, from Jacksonville!

There are magical moments and miracle people in our lives! If we pay attention, we all have them. Chris, from Jacksonville is one of mine.

Chris and I met via the telephone several years ago when she found my website. Each time I answered the phone she'd say "Hi Suzanne, it's Chris....from Jacksonville". She called, we talked about felt making. Several days later, she called again to place and order and we talked about felt making. This calling and talking went on for several weeks, often for an hour or more. Each time, she is asking more and more questions about felting, about fiber, about dyeing, about spinning, weaving, books, what this was, what that was, all with a deep eagerness to learn it all. Finally, one afternoon, I said to Chris, from Jacksonville, "I so wish you were here so I could teach you in person." With that comment, Chris made her reservations to visit with us. It was magical and miraculous the entire time.

It has now become an annual event for Chris, from Jacksonville to visit Michigan in the dead cold of Feb. to share our friendship, our fiber, our ideas, our faith, our families, much laughter and the innate knowledge that people have who have known each other for a very long time seem to have, and "Mr. Jim's " cooking! YUM! We haven't known each other all that long, of course; it is just the magical, miracle thing that God has given to us, and fiber was the vehicle.

Chris, from Jacksonville, has started me down the blog spot path this morning. I hope to eventually talk about needle felt hat making, but this day it's , " Hat's off to you, Chris, From Jacksonville". You are a precious gift! I thank God always for you!

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