Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shades of Gray

Packing for the Ohio trip has started. Packaging is nearly completed, then packing the van begins. I am finding that I grow more and more aware of the limited amount of space I have in this van. It has served me well and I am so grateful for that. However, if it were to grow a foot or two longer, I'd not complain. So other than little or no heater, it is a great little mini-van. We are suppose to warm up to the mid 30's today so I hope to get much done before the majority of the thaw happens today.

From my eastward front porch window, I am witnessing a splendid sunrise with pinks being the color of the morning! Most of the past two months, mid-Michigan has been covered in various shades of gray. Seeing the pink this morning is nearly "high contrast". Thank you Abba Father, for both the grays and the pinks.

Pictured is 400 yards of a dye lot I've been doing for some weaving I've planned. With two torn rotator cuffs, spinning, needle felting, carding and peaceful sleep are quite out of the question for me these days. While I am giving both shoulders a rest, I can still dye and hope weave on a triaingle or square loom. After Ohio, I'll know better what I can and cannot do.

I hope to bring back wonderful photos of spectacular hats made by the women I'll be teaching. I am expecting great things from them.

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