Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fiber Mamas

There are three outstanding fiber Mamas' in my life, Barb Marr of www.marrhaven.com, Ruth Walker of www.feltmaker.com and Susan McFarland of www.susansfibershop.com. Each of these incredible women gave me more than I could ever have asked.

Barb gave encouragement in the early days of Hooked On Felt designs and the opening of the website. She pushed my business for my sake. Blessing after blessings this woman has been to me. She knows the fiber business and she is so willing to help me. She was there at the start of the whole needle felt hat form inception. She is so "my Fiber Mama!"

Ruth Walker and I met on a phone call. I was needle felting hats but I wanted to learn how to wet felt them. I wanted beautiful felts, soft felts, strong felts. Ruth, in a phone conversation alone, gave me all of the information that I needed. It all worked! How cool is that!!!! It really, really worked. That one conversation put the whole of my fiber life in a different direction from the one I had been on. It was amazing to me how that chance phone call to an on-line felter whose work I loved, could have so much impact on me. What a gift she gave a total stranger! Ruth became a Fiber Mama to me, but I don't think she really knows how much I appreciate her. Shame on me! (Ruth and I had opportunity to meet in person several years later. She has become a delightful friend, source of much inspiration, and wonderful creative genius! One of the things on my "do before I die" list is to own one of Ruth Walkers hats. While I too am a hat maker, there are none like hers. Check'em out at www.feltmaker.com )

Susan McFarland is in a Fiber Mama class all her own. This gal is DYNAMITE and FIREWORKS in continual motion, all at the same time. She knows fiber, she knows people, she knows whatz hot and whatz not, she knows machinery, spinning wheels, knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, dyeing, bead making...and a whole bunch of other stuff she hasn't even had the time to share with me, .....yet. Susan is one fast woman! She talks fast, moves fast, thinks even faster and sells faster still . I stand in awe of this woman in so many ways. I cannot keep up with her, so I just stand back and watch her keep her whirlwind in motion. Susan has come along side and befriended me. In the world of fiberarts, there is great pleasantness and an underlying friendly competitiveness as well. Between Susan and me, it does not exist. I count it a great blessing. I think Susan and I suffer with the same malady...too many ideas, not enough self to get them all done. Once you meet her, you'll know that every word I've written is true.

These are the women who have lead me, pushed me, inspired me, corrected me, shown me the way, been and continue to be forerunners in imaginative fiberarts. They are more than mentors, they have also mentored my heart, my spirit, and my mind. They are my Fabulous Fiber Mamas. I am grateful for them and to them for all they have done for me. I could have been very happy with just one, but God figured I needed more help. He sent me these three! I hope you get good ones too!


Feltalive said...

Hi Suzanne - What a great blog!

My name is Kay Petal - I'm from Alaska and have been totally swept away by the needle felting bug. I am having an absolute blast with it.

Anyway! I really loved this post about the Fiber Mamas - you are lucky to have three! My Fiber Mama stepped into my life at a time when I was really feeling up against a wall with what I wanted to accomplish with needle felting. By random chance, I visited Birgitte Krag Hansen's website and read she would be in Alaska the following week to teach. I immediately contacted her and she just happened to be sitting at her computer at her home in Denmark when my message came through. We hit it off instantly and had a fantastic time together while she was here. We spent much time together outside of the workshops and I learned SO much!!

So - your blog post touched me and I thought I should reply and say thanks for that!

Kay Petal
Felt Alive Wool Sculptures

Hooked On Felt said...

Brigitte is an awesome talent. Her book was one of the very first that I purchased. It remains a favorite of mine. I've visited your site. You can see her influence in your beautiful works. Aren't fiber Moms just a HUGE BLESSING!?!
Thanks for taking the time to write!